Coming Soon To The Bluegill Bug – Firehole Sticks

Coming Soon To The Bluegill Bug – Fly Tyers Dungeon Material

Bluegill Bug Flies Sold Here!

With the knowledge that I am a retired Veteran, and, I am the sole worker bee here at The Bluegill Bug, the following has been added to the inventory.  Bluegill Bug Flies will feature some of the more popular flies that have been good to me over almost (40) years of fly fishing for Bluegill.  Catching Bluegills on a light fly rod is flat out fun! Most any fly will work at one time or another.  These are some of my favorites.  With that said, go forth! These patterns will not disappoint you…….. All tied by me here in my Hide-Away in the good Ol’ U.S.A. on high quality hooks with top notch materials.

Sparkle Spider

Krystal Beetle

Mini – Hopper

The Mop Fly

Rubber Legs Killer Bug

Ambush Nymph

Buggy Dub Leech

Stayner Ducktail


The Bluegill Bug – Mop Bodies – (12 Bodies Per Pkg. Per Color)

Each package contains one dozen Mop Fly bodies that can be used to tie Mop Flies yourself! Many colors are available, so use the color selection drop down to select the colors you need. This is a great way to tie your Mop Flies in a wide range of colors without having to buy several full mops that you may never use.  Let the Bluegill in your area know that The Mop Fly is coming for you!

The Bluegill Bug – Mop Bodies

“SOURCE” Barbless Fly Tying Hooks -100 Per Pack

The Bluegill Bug is very happy to have the “SOURCE” Barbless Fly Tying Hooks here on the shop.  We will have a very limited inventory to begin with as we test the market.  If sales and customer requests are sufficient we will add more “SOURCE” hooks and styles to our inventory.  We currently will have the Dry Fly Hook Size 12. the Nymph/Streamer hook size 10, and, the Competition Jig Hook size 14 to begin with.  Check out these hooks, I guarantee you will not be disappointed in cost or quality!

“SOURCE” Barbless Dry Fly Hook

“SOURCE” Barblesss Nymph/Streamer Hook

“SOURCE” Barbless Competition Jig Hook

The Bluegill Bug’s Tungsten Beads – 100 per pack

We are very happy to have a selection of Tungsten Beads to meet your fly tying needs.  Again, we will have a very limited “Inventory” in sizes and colors as we test the market here at the shop.  Based on Sales, and Customer Satisfaction, we will be adding more sizes and colors as we go along.  Again, you will not be disappointed in the quality or the price of these beads.  We will carry the beads in both Countersunk and Slotted for your tying needs.

Counter Sunk Tungsten Beads

Slotted Tungsten Beads

The Bluegill Bug “Individual” Fly Pattern Kits

At the Bluegill Bug, we believe that most fly tying kits bought in the shops today are “OK” at best to start with.  However, most kits come with cheaper tools and vises and materials that range from only fair to good in quality.  I have taught fly tying for many years and dealt with new students who lost interest because of inferior materials and tools they got with their initial investment.  What happened? Many became discouraged and gave up the interest, or, had to go back and spend more money upgrading everything.  That is why we preach and bring our customers the “Individual Fly Pattern Kits”.  These kits come with a Sample Fly for you to look at or fish with, written instructions on how to tie the fly, and enough material in the kit, including hooks, to tie a dozen of your own.  What a great way to learn and practice on basic patterns before trying the more complicated patterns in today’s fly tying world.  We offer these basic patterns for not only the new tyers, but, for those looking for a specific pattern and not wanting to take their time going to the bigger shops looking for the right material and guess at the right hook etc.  You will save money and time with us on these kits!  These kits are available now, and more kits will be added as we go.

The Bluegill Bug Individual Pattern Tying Kits

The Bluegill Bug Double Sided Hook Keeper

We have came across a great way to store your hooks while at the tying bench and take up very little room.  This double sided plastic box comes with individual magnetized compartments to store various sizes of hooks.  From small dries to bigger buggers, this box will do it well.  Each side of the box comes with a Magnetic Tipped Stylus to help you retrieve just the hook you want and not anything more!  If you want to save time at the vise and be more organized then this is for you!

The Bluegill Bug Double Sided Hook Keeper

The Bluegill Bug – Silicone Fly Box

I am totally sold on the quality of these boxes and they have been well received by customers who have purchased them and put them to use.  We offer both the Double-Sided Silicone Box and the Large/Slim Silicone Box at this time.  Both do an outstanding job of displaying your flies and come with a clear lid and a seal to keep the water out, although they are not considered Waterproof.  Carry all your patterns in one or both of these style boxes at a great price for Bluegill Bug customers.

Silicone Double Sided Fly Box

Silicone Large/Slim Fly Box