July 29, 2016

The Bluegill Bug – The Foam Krystal Beetle…………



Thread: Black 6/0

Hook Size: 12 -14 1x Long Dry Fly Hook
Shellback: Black 2MM Foam Approximately the width of the hook gap
Body: Peacock Black Krystal Chenille
Legs: Strands of Peacock Black Krystal Flash
Indicator: 2MM piece of White Foam tied in at leg tie in point
Head: Black thread and Whip Finish
Tied to represent the Black Beetle that often times is blown into the water during Summer and Fall Terrestrial season.  This pattern is effective on both streams and stillwater for Trout and is very effective on the local Bluegill Ponds.
Fishing Instructions:
Use a floating line, of course, for best results.  The “White” indicator on the this fly will help in keeping eye contact with your fly position on the water.  Fish, generally, are not selective when taking a Beetle pattern.  They are on it or they are not!







14 thoughts on “The Bluegill Bug – The Foam Krystal Beetle…………
  1. Brk Trt

    Beetle and ant patterns are staples at certain times of the year. This pattern has good visibility to both the fish and angler.
    Nice work

  2. Grandpa Mel

    Thank you, Alan. For some reason, I have not bothered to much with Ant patterns. That is my bad! Thanks for the reminder……. The Krystal Beetle is easy to tie and the fish sure like them during the season of Terrestrials.

  3. Grandpa Mel

    You sure do, RD! They are simple to tie and should work for you as well in your fishing opportunities. Appreciate the kind words about my talent. It ain't easy being a Geezer!

  4. Grandpa Mel

    I always have a few in my box, Howard……… The Big T fish have shown a liking for it also! Thanks for the encouragement on my fly pattern.

  5. Walt Franklin

    Using crystal flash on a beetle adds a little sparkle of attractiveness to the old fly, Mel, and I think I'll have to try it. Thanks for the recipe and the help!

  6. Grandpa Mel

    Thank you, Walt, for the visit and comment……….

    I really like the use of the Krystal Flash for legs on the Beetle also. That, and the foam white indicator, has really helped me keep sight of it on the water for sure. Plus, I need all the help I can get…

  7. loydtruss

    Another super pattern that will for sure take many bluegill weather they are spawning or cruising the banks in deep water. I am saving all your patterns for future use. I like the high float characteristics of the Beetle, which enables the legs to have more free movement—–making for some powerful strikes. Thanks for sharing

  8. Mel

    Bill, thanks so much for your kind words on the Krystal Beetle! Bluegill do love it, and, even the Largemouth at times will smack it. Appreciate you saving all my patterns, and, I hope that the new blogging format will make that easier for you and others. Nothing, but, The Bluegill Bug. Fun for all….

    By the way, I see you are working on a new blog title and move to WordPress. You have your first follower as soon as you get things in place. If you need any help, let me know.

  9. loydtruss

    Mel—this new blog format may take me longer than I think, mainly because I am so busy right now with the Grandchildren and of course fishing. Got a trip planned next back to the Sipsey—I figure this may be a project in progress on into the fall—-good to have things lined up to do at our age—will contact you if I need help Thanks

  10. Mel

    Bill, take your time and change it, when and if, you feel it is the right thing to do. I am available at any time to help you my friend!


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