April 5, 2017

The Bluegill Bug – Mayhem


The “Mayhem” is tied to represent a Perch Fry or small Perch in the water.  Now, I know that I have had success with this pattern and I think I know why.  Other fish love too eat little Perch! This pattern is not designed to catch you some Perch, however, it will……. It is designed to catch the Bass, Walleye, or Trout that feed on the smaller Perch.  Best way too fish it is too find a school of Perch to begin with.  Often times Perch will school up and the trick is too finding them and the correct depth to fish.  Aggressive other species in the water will take care of the rest if it is going to work at all…….  So let’s tie a “Mayhem”

  • Hook – Size (6) or size (10) 3xlong hook of your choice – I use size (10) for Bluegill.
  • Thread – Black 6/0 Uni-Thread
  • Tail – Hot Orange Krystal Flash
  • Rib – Small Gold Wire
  • Overbody – At least (6) strands of Peacock Herl
  • Body – Orange Scrubby Chenille
  • Beard – Hot Orange Krystal Flash
  • Overwing – Hareline Baitfish Emulator 
  1. Begin by tying on your thread and bringing it to the rear of the hook at a point straight up from the barb.
  2. Select several strands of the Krystal Flash and measure them to be length of the hook shank approximately. (Before you tie them in, I will give you an option for you to think about.  I used a Black Permanent Marker to color in a black bar across the end of the Krystal Flash strands.  This makes it look similar to Golden Pheasant Tippet if that suits your fancy,  Anyway, probably totally unnecessary, but, I liked the effect.)
  3. Tie in your Krystal Flash tail directly above the barb of the hook.  Trim off the excess towards the front of the hook.
  4. Tie in Gold wire rib at same place you tied in the tail
  5. Select at (6) Peacock Herls and tie them at the same place as tail, also, extending rearward.
  6. Tie in Orange Scrubby Chenille.  All of your tie in’s are at the same spot.  Begin wrapping the chenille towards the eye of the hook and leaving just a small area for the rest of the materials to be tied down.
  7. Take Peacock Herls and pull them directly over the back of the chenille and tie them off just in front of the chenille.  Creates the Overback!
  8. Counter wrap the small Gold wire spiraling it over the overbody and Scrubby Chenille.  Tie it off at same point as the Peacock Herl.
  9. Turn your hook upside down and tie in the Krystal Flash for a beard.  The beard should stop just short of the point of the hook.
  10. Turn your hook back upright and tie in the Baitfish Emulator Overwing.  Tying it rearward.  The length of the Overwing should stop just short of the length of the tail.
  11. Finish with a good Whip Finish knot and add a good coating of Head Cement surrounding the tie off spot.  This will help lock everything tied in at that point.
  12. Go find some Perch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Tyin’ and causin’ some “Mayhem”……………………..





16 thoughts on “The Bluegill Bug – Mayhem
  1. Mel - Fly Tyin' Times

    Mark, absolutely "Do Not" fish this pattern for Trout when there are no Perch available!! Seriously, this lake and pond pattern does very well for Trout without relying on Perch. You might say it causes "Mayhem".

  2. Mel - Fly Tyin' Times

    "Yellow perch are all over Colorado lakes. If there are bass and sunfish placed in your local waters there is a good chance that yellow perch are placed there as well. A few places noted for Colorado perch are Blue Mesa, Harvey Gap and Rifle Gap. But other local haunts such as Loveland Lake, Chatfield Ponds, and Aurora Reservoir are great perch opportunities in open and even hard water. Check with your local managing agency for more perch locations as well as specific regulations."
    Knowing that you love streams and moving water, it doesn't surprise me that you have not seen a Perch. Tee Hee………Come forth and fish Warm Water!

  3. Mel - Fly Tyin' Times

    Thanks, Alan, glad to see that you see what I see! Yes, my friend, Bass and Rainbow Trout in particular love them some Perch Fry. I know Walleye do to, I just have not applied myself to the Walleye yet……

  4. Mel - Fly Tyin' Times

    Yes, it does do that, Rob! When people see that I identify it as a Perch pattern, they often ask me if it catches Perch. It does that, too! However, I am fishing for the Bass, Trout, etc that are chasing the Perch and causing "Mayhem".

  5. Hibernation

    That's a cool looking fly Mel – thanks for the idea! I agree with Rob, it sure looks like that fly would catch anything that eats other fish – and that wing really looks like it would have nice action.

  6. Mel - Fly Tyin' Times

    My pleasure, Will. Give it a try and let me know if it works in New England area……. I would assume you would have some positive results. I really like the appearance and action of the wing material, too.

  7. Bill Trussell

    Another great example of a fantastic pattern I feel for super size bluegill—I may have missed it but what size hook were you using? Thanks for sharing

  8. Mel - Fly Tyin' Times

    Nope, Bill, you didn't miss it…. I see that I did not specifically give a hook size. I will correct that on the post and in the store information also. I use a size (6)long shanked hook for bigger fish, but, use a size (10)long shanked hook when I am fishing for Bluegill. Seems to catch some nice ones here, and, I don't have the bigger Bluegills the way you do back your way. Thanks for keeping me on my toes.


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