June 3, 2017

The Bluegill Bug – Mini Hoppers

Ok, let’s see how this goes. For all of you who tie their own patterns, here is the pattern recipe I use for the Mini-hopper! Let’s begin with a
Size 12 – 1xlong Dry Fly Hook
Thread – Tan 6/0 in this casse
Foam – Tan 2MM
Rubber Legs – Your choice of color
Body – Mixed Tan Antron & Tan Rabitt
Wing – Deer or Elk Hair
Layer thread on hook front to back and front again.
Take your foam piece and cut a triangle shape in one end. Tie this triangle end piece down just behind the eye of the hook with foam extending out over the eye of the hook.
Bring thread to rear of hook and place dubbing on the thread. Wrap dubbing forward to the eye of the hook.
Wrap thread back a few wraps over the dubbing to form a place to tie in the Hair for your downwing.
Stack your hair using a Hair Stacker and cut to size. Tie it in downwing style under tension which causes it to flair some when releasing the hair. Hair should extend to just beyond the bend of the hook a little.
Pull the foam back over the dubbing, using your thread to form a head of the Hopper by tying down the foam about 1/3 way back on the foam. I then cut another triangle shape into the extended foam so that it appears to be a wingcase over the hair wing.
At point where the foam head was tied down, tie in rubber leg material, one on each side. Trim legs so they are all uniform in size.
In this same spot, complete a Whip Finish Knot and use a head cement to reinforce the knot tie in spot. I prefer Sally Hansen Hard as Nails.
Hope this works for those who are interested.


8 thoughts on “The Bluegill Bug – Mini Hoppers
  1. howard levett

    After knowing you for all these years, I’ve come to realize that the most constant thing about you is change! πŸ™‚ Well, that and you’re a great fly tyer and you eventually come up with a great looking home. I like the new look. Leave it alone!

  2. howard levett

    Brother Mel, I’d follow you to the ends of the world but I’m afraid half way there you’d change your mind and I’d keep going! πŸ˜‰

  3. loydtruss

    I feel another classic in works here, if it is anything like the beetle, then you have a winner. Like the new look; don’t know when I will get a chance to finish my latest blog, so busy these days. Check your email for fly orders. Thanks for sharing and sending the winner in the Beetle!!

  4. Mel

    Hi, Howard! I guess you have pretty well got me pegged. As a guy who has been around the block a time or three, and at my age, I am always looking for something that makes me happy and helps me through my day. I enjoy all of my BlogBuddies and their contributions and support. I may not fish as much any more as I once did. but, I can still be involved through the blog and spending time at my vise. If someone else can benefit from the fruits of my labors these days then that is a win-win situation for all of us. Hope you are feeling better and get some time on the water soon.

  5. Mel

    Now that is funny! Kind of like the ol’ ball cap with the brims that came out one on each side of the head instead of in the front as normal. You know, “Which way did he go? I don’t know I can’t get there from here! Sum it all up for you in one word YANEVANO!”

  6. Mel

    Bill, thanks for the kind words on the Mini Hopper! I am done tweaking blog looks and backgrounds and all that stuff……… I like this look too! Just need to add quality content. Sure appreciate your support of the Krystal Beetle and future orders. It is a winner!

  7. Mel Moore

    Hi, Ralph. It is a fairly simple bug to tie and really is useful during anytime Bluegrass are feeding on the surface. Tie them in different colors, too!


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