The Fruits Of My Labor…..

While my current approach with my blog is fly tying and fly fishing for Bluegill, with the key component being fun, many of my most recent posts have been of effective Bluegill patterns.   I still get my time on the water which leads to more fly tying ideas popping into my head back at The Bluegill Bug Headquarters! 

A most recent trip spent on one of my favorite ponds provided me with enough feedback to continue to work on effective Bluegill patterns and data necessary to continue to whet my appetite for fun with the fly rod on the pond.

While I had my usual success with The Pond Spiders on several decent Bluegills, none of them, were anything special to talk about or share much other than it was sure fun wrestling with them on my Cabelas CGR 5wt.  Perhaps on a less windy day, I would have fished my Cabelas CGR 4wt.  But after a recent hot spell with temperatures hovering around (100) degrees, this day brought a cooling front into Northern Colorado which resulted in a very significant change in air temperature and a good breeze most of the day.

Once in awhile, while landing Bluegill after Bluegill, something different kicks in.  That something different is getting into some Largemouth Bass on your standard Bluegill flies.  A few Bass came to shore kicking and screaming, all of them on the smallish side.  They were taken on The Pond Spider in the color Purple.  Then, a little bigger one was hooked and fought it’s way free when my knot gave way to the pulling and tugging.

Next up, I reached in my box, and took out The Pond Spider in a little bigger size.  This one in White.  I made my first cast into an open spot in the moss and weed cover.  Nothing!  The second cast, in a different open spot, and out from underneath the moss came a really nice Largemouth and wolfed down my floating Spider pattern.  Fish on, rod with the flex of a good fish, and the tippet to hold up as we wrestled in the moss along the shoreline. 

No pictures………. Well, yes.  However, thanks for reading all the detail before getting to The Fruits Of My Labor!

Happy Hook Ups From Mel At The Bluegill Bug!



    • Thanks, Howard, this Bass will be remembered not only because it is a real nice Bass, but, the coloring and shoulders was substantial. Could not have had a better view of the Bass cruising out from under the moss bed and just clobbering the Pond Spider…….
      I agree with your comment on what you might find in these ponds while focusing on a specific species of fish. I will take it anytime!

    • Mark, thanks for the visit and comment. The way I look at it as far as the fly tying business goes, I will offer what I use consistently to catch Bluegill, Crappie, Bass etc. If someone wants to buy some that is great, if they don’t, nothing lost but some time tying flies I love and will use anyway! As always, appreciate your support as a long time Blog Buddy.

    • Thanks, Alan, for the visit and comment. This Bass, in particular, will be remembered for the “Take” and its “Tenacity” on the CGR 5wt. Working him through the moss bed without losing him was a small adventure…. The Chest Pack was too good to pass up on a recent deal at Sportsmans Warehouse. For Bluegill fishing and other pond dwellers, this will be all I need.

    • Thank you, Ralph! It was a good fish and I look forward to trying him again as he gets bigger. This particular pond is a catch and release Bass fishing regulated pond. At least I can dream of a bigger one…….. P.S. I get out on the water more than I post. I need to make more hay, I guess!

    • Good Morning, Bill. Thanks for the gracious comment on the hat and the chest pack. I bought the hat last year and have pretty well broke in. Need to keep the sun off the best I can. As I have aged, I just don’t do heat as well as I used too! The Chest Pack is a FishPond pack. I really like it and as far as the fly fishing I do, this pack is all I need. The Largemouth was released and we will, hopefully, tangle again some day.

    • Thanks, Bill, as you know I am a tinkering kind of guy. I really like this look and have not found a Blog Store set up that I am fond of, so, I am probably going to go back to the way I offered my flies in the very beginning to those who are interested. Amazing, how we just have to try all the new gadgets in fly fishing or whatever, only to realize that what we had in the first place was good enough!

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