The Fruits Of My Labor…… Part Two

Today, I thought I would do Part Two of The Fruits Of My Labor….. Not only am I able to still fly fish and tie flies and catch fish,  evidence this from reading my previous post, but, I just wanted to thank all of you on this Independence Day holiday.  Thank you for helping me become as active as I have been with my blog and other ventures over the past year.  Last year about this time, I received some not so good news as far as my health goes…… Well, I have been blessed with another opportunity to be the best I can be without significant ongoing health issues.  I can’t explain it, but, “it” is a very powerful thing when “it” takes place in your life! 

Since being renewed, this blog and the many posts, sharing of fly patterns, opening an online shop for Bluegill patterns to keep me busy tying, and, meeting a number of new online friends on Facebook who share my love of fly fishing for Bluegill have really been an amazing story in the past few months……..

Just wanted to let all my readers know that a Facebook Group I started to bring fly tying and fly fishing for Bluegill together in one spot to share their skills and love of such a simple fish, has recently just passed the (1000) member mark.  I am pleased beyond anything I ever expected with this.  If you have not ventured over to visit the Group please take a look.  You all are welcome to join.  I will need to send you an email invite before you can participate, so let me know through my email or send me a Private Message on Facebook.  To visit the Group just look down my sidebar on the right and click on the picture for The Bluegill Bug Tyers.

The Bluegill Bug also has a standard Facebook Page which is different than The Bluegill Bug Tyers Group.  It’s link is also on my right sidebar.  Just hit that picture link and visit my page and would greatly appreciate you hitting that “LIKE” button and follow along over there also.  So, active we are and have something for all of us who enjoy fly fishing and fly tying for Bluegill, Crappie, other Panfish etc.  Mr. Largemouth Bass shows his face once in awhile over there, too!

One of the pleasures of connecting with others who enjoy The Bluegill Bug as much as I do, is meeting some wonderful people who have a great range of skills in fly fishing and fly tying and are more than willing to share their gifts.  Speaking of gifts, I received (not the first time, either) from a member of The Bluegill Bug Tyers, a package in the mail the other day with some great looking flies with the blessing that I fish them and let him know how they do on our Colorado warm water fisheries.  Just wanted to give Johnta Kirton of Brim War Flies a shout out here.  Johnta is a very gifted fly tyer and knows his Panfish Flies.  He deserves the shout out and feature image for this post.  Thanks, Johnta!

Peace to all, from Mel – The Ol’ Silver Eagle………….


    • Thank you, my brother! You have been a significant part of my longevity on the blogging scene and the Facebook scene. The Bluegill Bug Tyers Group and The Bluegill Bug Facebook page have been a great blessing for me. Love it when you show up there!

  1. Success…Mel in this land there is no limit to what can be done if you want it.
    Those are some very well tied flies, and I’m sure they have been tested and came through with high marks.

    • Thanks, Alan, no words were ever more true than the ones you started this comment with! What I liked about the flies and your comment on them is that they are very well tied……. they just look fishy for all species of fish that we both chase. Bluegills are not very selective as you know, but, fun is the key word!

    • Yup, Mark, I know you don’t do the Facebook thing…….. However, your long term support has been very beneficial too me. Always look forward to your visits and comments. Fish on!

  2. Mel
    This new venture of yours couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. All of us bloggers are so fortunate to have you share your warm water flies and fishing trips with us. Sorry I don’t do Facebook but your blog gives me ample info to stay connected. Thanks for sharing

    • Bill, those are very kind and touching words of praise for my blog, my flies, and stories that I babble to you all in Bloggerland!! I know there are some folks, you included, who don’t bother with Facebook and that is completely understandable in today’s world. We only have the time before us to do with what we want to do and enjoy. It is my pleasure to reach out and share no matter from where comes the interest in fly fishing warm water species………..

  3. Mel, Hope you are having a great holiday weekend. Great to hear things are on track for you. Its a pleasure to have you as part of our tying community. My best Sir.

    • Ralph, my friend and close associate, I hope that you and your family also enjoy a safe and wonderful Fourth of July!! The last year has been an amazing journey in my life and I am very happy to have reached so many with my love of the Bluegill and all the fun that comes with tying flies and fly fishing for Warm Water species. Getting to know you and work with you on a number of projects has been so beneficial to my success. I thank you so much in return!

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