1. The only problem with being a big guy like I am, is that “one size fits most” hats don’t. Otherwise I’d be right on the hat. I have to go to a specialized place for hats. Wife says it’s because I’m a Leo that I have such a fat head.

    • Mark, I completely understand that. I am thinking that you brought this up once before……. I have the same problems with Inseams on any pants I purchase. I am not very tall to begin with, and, seem to be shrinking some with age! Therefore, pant legs are never short enough to meet my needs. Wear shorts all summer, so that is a bit of a break! If you are like me, just agree with the wife and smile alot…..

  2. Mel, I agree with the never ending fireworks…the day before and the day after is enough I think.
    Your design on the hat as well as the page header are very nicely done.

    • Alan, I new you would understand where I was coming from. Enough is Enough, already! I didn’t even get to the other part of my rant……… What the heck is “Merica, or Murica” or whatever the slap word of the day is anymore. Certainly, not who I put my life on hold for several years to fight for! I love America!

      Thank you for the kind words on both the hat and the blog logo. Keeps me busy in the spare time…… Thank you for your support.

  3. Mel
    We still have some fireworks going on, hope the kids run out of fire crackers soon. I really like the new blog header and the cap, perfect combo for a couple of bluegill enthusiast for us. I hope to get back on the water this week put the Krystal Beetle back to work. Thanks for sharing

    • Good Morning, Bill. I hope they run out soon too….. We have been quiet for a day or so……..Maybe things getting back to normal. Thanks for the kind words on the Blog Header. I had a couple of different options that would do well. Currently, I am settled on this one! Basic enough…… The hat is something I gave a lot of consideration to and finally decided to go with it for the first one. Would look great on your head, Bill, even though we both have gone to the western type hat to keep the sun off our face while fishing.

    • Thanks, Ralph! Appreciate as always your thoughts and ideas of support………. The logo is set thanks to your fine work……. Looking forward to putting the RFB Lanyards on the shop again. Keep me posted on the other news!

  4. Some of us old geezers have too much time on our hands. Mel, I’ve liked every logo you have ever had, along with every blog. I try not to get to use to it because I know old Mel is going to change eventually! 😉 The logo looks GREAT as does the hat. Well thought out and I know they’re going to go fast. I have an order of shirts to pick up as soon as I can find the time to drive out to Brighton to pick up. I don’t think i ever got you one yet, so stand by. Let me know what size.

    • Brother Howard, let me just say this. This Ol’ Geezer appreciates every day he is blessed with and all the time I have to just breathe and take it all in. You have officially reached “Legendary Status” when it comes to being a BlogBuddy and follower over all of my meanderings. Thanks for the kind words on my logo and blog work, it really means a lot too me…… You are right about the “Red, White, and Bluegill” hat going fast. I am surprised and welcome the fun with knowing that folks are wearing the hat and helping support The Bluegill Bug. Ralph gets the credit for the logo work this time, too. I think he knocked it out of the park and I don’t see potential changes being necessary!

      I really need to look locally for a supplier of hats, shirts etc. The current supplier is out of California. I would like to be able to access them quicker and get them mailed out sooner!

      I have been a little hesitant on ordering shirts because of having to vary so many different sizes. I am working on a Geezer budget also so we will see how things come along.

      My shirt size is a Large…………
      Thanks, Howard.

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