July 18, 2017

The Bluegill Bug – The Ambush Nymph – From The Secret Stash….


I have been fishing The Ambush Nymph for quite awhile when fishing lakes and ponds for not only Bluegill, Bass, etc, but, effectively in Trout lakes, too!

The Ambush Nymph that I tie is a small nymph designed to put fish on “Alert”.  It has a good sized beadchain for eyes, Arizona Simi-Seal for the body and rubber legs for hackle.  I believe the fish take it for a number of reasons.  Perhaps, that it looks like a small Dragonfly Nymph, perhaps it just looks buggy enough, perhaps because the predominant bigger eyes really set this bug up to be something the fish key on.   With the big buggy looking eyes and rubber legs what is not to like about it.  The Bluegill’s reaction has been nothing short of “Him Or Me, What is it going to be”.  They ambush them before the Ambush Nymph gets them!  Also, know to arouse a Carp or two, and Largemouth Bass dig it in a bigger hook size model.  For Bluegills, I like this tied on a #10 style Scud hook.  Fish it on a floating line with a longer leader to get down some or using an Intermediate or Slow sinking fly line is even better.  Here is a recipe for the pattern if you tie your own.  If you don’t tie your own, The Ambush Nymph is available on  The Bluegill Bug Shop Page

Let’s tie one……………..

  • Hook – Your favorite Scud style hook.  In this case, I am using a size (10).  Certainly, can be tied in larger sizes to accommodate your needs.
  • Thread – Your preference, again.  I use a Red, or a Brown thread to best work with the dubbing mix.
  • Eyes – Beadchain eyes with the beadchain oversized for the particular size of your hook.  I think it is the trigger point of the fly!
  • Body – Arizona Simi-Seal in Canadian Brown color.
  • Legs – Barred rubber leg material to match the colors of the pattern.

Begin by tying your thread on and laying a base of thread up and down the hook shank to the eye of the hook.  Tie in your beadchain eyes at a point just back of the eye of the hook leaving enough space to work your dubbing over and around the eyes and still have enough room to complete your whip finish knot when ready.  Tie the eyes in with your thread in an “X” pattern over and under the hook shank until the eyes are solidly in place.  Return your thread back down the shank of the hook until a point just after the hook shank bends.  Next, I use a dubbing loop and insert my Simi-Seal dubbing in the dubbing loop created.  Twist it up firmly creating a dubbing rope and begin wrapping it forward.  When you get to the eyes the dubbing should also be wrapped between the eyes in an “X” pattern to give you a buggy looking head of the fly.  Finish with your thread at the rear of the eyes so that you can tie in your rubber hackle at that point.  I like to use multiple strands of rubber leg material and tie them in down the shank of the hook.  Allow them to flare around the top part of your fly pattern.  Trim them off evenly at a uniform length you desire.  Move your thread in front of the eyes and complete a whip finish knot and you are all done and ready to go “Ambush” some fish!

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Mel – The Ol’ Silver Eagle


6 thoughts on “The Bluegill Bug – The Ambush Nymph – From The Secret Stash….
  1. Alan Petrucci

    Mel I love the reference “him or me”….that applies to many flies and fish.
    The Ambush Nymph looks like it will get the job done.
    Stay cool.

  2. Mel Moore

    Hi, Alan. Yes, it does my friend, yes it does. Some of the new age Streamers look life threatening too me compared to the beautiful and artistic Streamers of generations ago. This is a very good nymph in this color or an Olive and has held up well in it’s battle with fish…

  3. Bill Turssell

    You’ve tied another winner; I wish I could go and try it and the others you tied for me, but the heat will keep me off the water for a while. I just can’t endure the heat like I use to. I can fish the Caney for trout because wading in 50 degree water is much cooler than 90 degree plus sitting in a boat. The Caney will be my destination as long as we have the hot weather. Thanks for sharing

  4. Mel

    Thanks, Bill, for the visit and leaving a nice comment about the Ambush Bug……… It is a winner! I have fished it for awhile now without promoting it. Thought I should let the cat out of the bag so others might enjoy it too. I am with you about fishing in (90) degree. Remember when we were young men and could not get enough sun and could fish all day and night……. Some clouds and rain would be most appreciated! Keep us posted on your efforts on the Caney.

  5. Howard Levett

    I could have sworn I left a comment days ago, but what do I know. I’m old and forgetful. This is an interesting pattern Mel. Maybe you can confirm but it looks like it would work for trout as well. I’m trying to get my tying mojo back to give a few of your flies a try.

  6. Mel

    No problem, Howard, I have that problem more than you know about……… Anyway, am confirming the Ambush Nymph does well on trout lakes. In fact, that is where it got its original use, before I had it run its course on Panfish, Tied in this color or the Olive color makes a very good Dragonfly nymph pattern. I might tie it in a bit bigger size for Trout as I would for Largemouth Bass. Here is hoping you get your mojo and your hand jive in sync so you can tie a few of these up.


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