Bluegill Bug Foam Floating Patterns

The Bluegill Bug will offer for sale some of the most productive flies that I, personally, have used with success for around (40) years now to pursue the feisty Bluegill.  These patterns are tied by me, and only me, here in my little corner of the fly tying world.  With that being said, please take a look and see if our flies meet your needs.  Bluegill are not very selective when it comes to hitting a fly, but, these are some of my most productive.  Happy Hook Ups……………..

Bluegill Patterns For Fishing On The Surface:

The Krystal Beetle is my one and only Beetle pattern for Bluegill fishing. This Foam pattern has driven the Bluegill nuts on my local waters. Sits up high with the Krystal Flash legs and foam, and, has a piece of foam tied in on top to aid in seeing the pattern on the water. You will always find this pattern in my box of foam floating patterns.

The Mini-Hopper is my favorite smallish tie for a Hopper Pattern for Bluegill. Tied with Foam, Rubber Legs, dubbed body, and Elk or Deer Hair wing. Tied in several color variations! Be ready for the Hopper fishing fun on your favorite lake or pond!

Isn’t a Foam Spider pattern, most likely, one of the first fly patterns you used when getting started in Fly Fishing for Bluegill? This is the version that I use. We use a “Sparkle Foam” for the body with multi-colored rubber legs to match the pattern. This is just my style, mind you. Regular foam that does not have the Sparkle has been the standard for many years. Tie whatever color you want, they all work!!