Individual Fly Pattern Tying Kits

The Bluegill Bug believes that offering Individual Pattern Tying Kits is just the right thing to do for many reasons.  The new fly tyer can focus on an individual pattern they want to learn and tie a dozen to practice on and then take fishing.  Incredible feeling when you hook your first fish on a fly that you tied!

Our Kits include:

  • A Sample Fly Of That Specific Pattern.  Look at it while learning, then take it fishing!
  • Written instructions on how to tie the specific fly pattern.
  • Enough hooks (of the right size and kind) to tie (12) of your own
  • Enough of the same material as the Sample Fly to complete (12) of your own

These Kits are designed to be cost effective for you and save you time and money wandering around trying to find the right materials and right hooks for you to duplicate what you want.  Save your money and your time!


The Mop Fly is a very simple fly to learn to tie and an incredible fish catcher of all Freshwater Fish.  This new fly on the scene in the past few years have gotten fish and fly tiers fully engaged with tying The Mop Fly

The Flashabugger is our version of a Wooly Bugger without having to worry about using hackle and worrying about what size hackle to use.  The Estaz Flash Chenille creates a full body with shiny fibers representing the hackle.  These are a great pattern to use in all seasons while searching for fish.  Tie them in several different sizes and colors and just hang on when the fish rips you!

The Krystal Beetle is one of my favorite topwater  bugs for Bluegill fly fishing.  This little Beetle with a Peacock Chenille Body and Foam back with Krystal Flash for Legs has been a deadly pattern.

The Sparkle Foam Spider is likely the way most of us cut our teeth on fly fishing for Bluegill.  Tied in a variety of Sparkle Foam colors with various color Rubber Legs.  Easy to tie a bunch of them and then the rest is up to you to get your local Bluegill looking up for Sparkle Foam Spiders!

The Bully Bluegill Spider has long been known as the “Sinking Spider” that bring good Bluegills to hand when they are not feeding on the surface.  Tied in a variety of color Chenille combinations and Rubber Legs with a little weight to get the bug down.

The Bead Head Rubber Legged Killer Bug is a deadly nymph pattern when fishing for Bluegill sub-surface.  Tied with the unique Killer Bug Yarn, Tungsten Bead Head, and Rubber Legs.  Must have for a Nymph Box for Panfish.