Fly Boxes – ***New ***

The Bluegill Bug is happy to offer a new line of Silicone Fly Boxes for you to look at and admire.  These boxes come in two styles.  A single side version, and, a double sided version.  Both with Clear see through lids and a Silicone layer to insert and protect all of your precious patterns.  Easy to see, easy to use, and, at a great price too you.

The Large/Slim Silicone Fly Box is approximately 7 1/4″ in Length, and, 1/2″ in Depth. This box will hold 131 fly patterns if you fill every slot in the box.


**Imprinted with The Bluegill Bug Custom Logo**

Our best selling double sided waterproof fly boxes with an upgraded liner. The self healing silicon is incredibly durable as well as non absorbent. Silicon is die cut with individual hook slits.

Want to increase your capacity for flies? Want to use the Silicone Bedding for your flies? Want to be able to store Hair Wing Dry Flies, Large Nymphs, Streamers in this box? If the answer is “Yes”, then you need to take a look at this box, it’s capacity, and the outstanding price that we offer to our customers. More lid room, therefore, more substantial bugs on each side.  These boxes will do the job!The Double Sided Silicone Fly Box is approximately 6″ in Length, and, 1 1/2″ in Depth.  This is a great box for winged Dry Flies, Bigger Hoppers, more bulky type flies, in addition, will hold all of your smaller flies also.