Fly Tying Hooks


Firehole “Sticks” Are Here!


Currently all Firehole Sticks are packaged in a polypropylene plastic box (2.4″ x 1.8″ x 0.6″) which is designed so that boxes can be connected together side-by-side for storage purposes for the consumer. Each box contains thirty-six (36) individual hooks, unless otherwise noted. Each box is labeled front and back. The front label indicates the hook model, size, shape and sizing descriptors. The back label has characteristic information, SKU, and UPC bar codes.


All Firehole Sticks are formed with a wire diameter which is a slightly heavier gauge than what would be considered “standard.” The wire for each hook is high strength carbon steel which is then tempered through a process which ensures flexibility while maintaining high strength. Many of the hooks are also forged which adds an additional level of strength to the hook. Each hook is chemically sharpened.

For those individuals who are new to fly tying or just want to purchase a good quality hook at a great price, The Bluegill Bug is proud to offer our “SOURCE” Fly Tying Hooks.  These are a Barbless hook, sharpened to insure hook sets, and, bring you fly fishing and fly tying joy!

Bluegill Bug “SOURCE” Barbless Dry Fly Hook:

Bluegill Bug “SOURCE” Barbless Competition Jig Hook:

Bluegill Bug “SOURCE” Barbless Long Shank Nymph/Streamer Hook: