Mop Bodies – Foam – Yarn – Chenille

The Bluegill Bug Fly Tying Material Page is designed to offer you products that you can use in your everyday effort at the fly tying bench to keep those Bluegill on their toes the next time out.  We will offer many materials that we use in catching Bluegill.  These are high quality materials designed to provide you an excellent quality fly to fish for the feisty Bluegill.  Check back often as we will be adding materials as we go!


Mop Body Material – This is the material everyone is looking for to tie “Mop Flies” with.  You can find it elsewhere, but, not in this many colors without a lot of work.  Our Mop Bodies come (20) bodies per package per color.  Now carrying (14) different colors…..

Sparkle Foam – This is the 2M Sparkle Foam we use in our Kits and in tying The Sparkle Spider.  It comes per a flat 4″ by 6″ piece for you to work with, and, in several different colors.  Extremely cost effective for you also……….

“Scrubby Rag” Chenille – This is the unusual one sided Sparkle Chenille that we use for tying some of our favorite patterns.  Great movement in the water and fish attracting colors make for a great small minnow imitation.  Comes in (12) different colors, (4) yds per bag!

Killer Bug Yarn – This is unique yarn in a unique color used to tie the popular Killer Bug.  Very popular on warm water fish and for those who fish cold water for Trout also.  Simply twist it up tight and wrap it on…………..