Fly Tying Material

The Bluegill Bug Fly Tying Material Page is designed to offer you products that you can use in your everyday effort at the fly tying bench to keep those Bluegill on their toes the next time out.  We will offer many materials that we use in catching Bluegill.  These are high quality materials designed to provide you an excellent quality fly to fish for the feisty Bluegill.  Check back often as we will be adding materials as we go!

Firehole “Sticks” Are Here!


Currently all Firehole Sticks are packaged in a polypropylene plastic box (2.4″ x 1.8″ x 0.6″) which is designed so that boxes can be connected together side-by-side for storage purposes for the consumer. Each box contains thirty-six (36) individual hooks, unless otherwise noted. Each box is labeled front and back. The front label indicates the hook model, size, shape and sizing descriptors. The back label has characteristic information, SKU, and UPC bar codes.


All Firehole Sticks are formed with a wire diameter which is a slightly heavier gauge than what would be considered “standard.” The wire for each hook is high strength carbon steel which is then tempered through a process which ensures flexibility while maintaining high strength. Many of the hooks are also forged which adds an additional level of strength to the hook. Each hook is chemically sharpened.

The “419” is a very standard dry fly hook. Super nice wide gape and extended retention point. 
This is a standard length hook with a 2X gape. It has a down eye and is formed from a light weight wire.

The “516” is a heavy jig style hook with a 60 degree bend at the eye. With or without a Bead, great hook for The Mop Fly etc.

This is a standard length hook with a 1X gape. It has a 60 degree down eye and is formed from a heavy weight wire.

The “633” is a 1X length nymph hook perfect for bead head patterns. It is my first choice for anything with a bead. 
This is a 1X long length hook with a 2X gape. It has a down eye and is formed from a heavy weight wire. 

This “839” is a really nice, heavy streamer hook. Great choice for buggers and other streamers. Plenty of room for beads or cones. Stupid sharp, do not slip when packing hair!
This is a 3X long length hook with a 2X gape. It has a down eye and is formed from a extra heavy weight wire.


Bluegill Bug “SOURCE”  Hooks are a great hook for your money! Good quality and very affordable hook.  These are Barbless hooks that we will carry in the sizes you need for tying Bluegill Flies.  These hooks will come (50) per bag per style and size.  Great hook for the new fly tyer and for the established fly tyer also. We are offering these in limited quantity at this time to test the market. Based on sales, we will add more hook styles and sizes! The Barbless Dry Fly Hook is a (Size 12). The Barbless Nymph/Streamer Hook is a (Size 10). The Barbless Competition Jig Hook is a (Size 14).  If you are on a tight budget this hook is for you!

Killer Bug Yarn – This is the unique yarn used to tie the body of the very popular Utah Killer Bug.  Here at The Bluegill Bug, I have added rubber legs to this and made it even more enticing for the Bluegill.  Check out the pattern on the fly pattern page and buy your yarn here.


Mop Body Material



Sparkle Foam – This is the Sparkle Foam we use in our Kits and in tying The Sparkle Spider.  It comes per a flat 4″ by 6″ piece for you to work with, and, in several different colors.  Extremely cost effective for you also……….

Tungsten Beads – Our beads will be offered in the sizes we would use for Bluegill patterns.  We will do our best to meet your needs for fly tying for Bluegill…. We offer both a Countersunk and a Slotted style for your convenience.  Our beads come in a bag of (50) beads per bag per Color and Size.

Countersunk Beads –





Slotted Tungsten Beads –