Fly Tying Tools

The Bluegill Bug Online Shop is offering a selection of fly tying tools to meet your tying needs while at the vise.  Please take a moment and look through our selection of fly tying tools.  These are great quality products at a price you should like.  Thanks for supporting The Bluegill Bug Online Shop……….

Fly Tying Bobbins:

When it comes to fly tying bobbins, our customers say a smooth gliding spool is essential, and that’s why they love Griffin’s super glide nylon beads, ceramic inserts, and high quality stainless steel construction. Whether its small flies or large flies and streamers, Griffin offers the ideal fly tying bobbin solution for every need. All our fly tying bobbins are highly polished, and all burrs and rough edges are removed to ensure that each bobbin is totally smooth and a pleasure to use. Designed for easier threading and reduced wax build-up, Griffin bobbins surpass all others, ensuring you get the absolute best fly tying bobbins at the most competitive price.

Hair Stackers:

Many requests for a hair evener to stack short coastal deer hair and calf body hair led to this design. Threaded inserts in the base allow for adjustments from 1/16″ to 1/2″, depending upon hair length. Overall length: 2 1/4″ to 2 3/4″, funnel length: 1 3/4″, funnel opeining: 5/8″

Hook & Hackle Guage:

This handy gauge fits most vise stems. To determine hackle size, simply bend the hackle around the pin at the bottom of the gauge. The hackle will flare out and the tips will indicate on the curved graph the correct size hackle. To determine hook size simply place the hook on the hooks pictured on the gauge. This gauge will rotate freely on the vise stem so it may be swung out of the way when not in use. It will correctly identify size 4-22 hackles and 4-16 hook sizes.

Fly Tying Scissors:

Griffin Standard Point Scissor –  A high quality scissors with a very fine point. The edge on one blade is serrated for a sure cutting grip.

Griffin Utility Fly Tying Scissor – These are the best inexpensive scissors we have found! Excellent for cutting deer hair and synthetic material. Also has large finger loops for an easy grip. 

Hackle Pliers:

Griffin Teardrop Hackle Plier – Here by popular demand and at the right price.  The teardrop design of these sturdy pliers gives them extra gripping power. Constructed of high quality spring steel.

Whip Finishers:

Griffin Large Handle Rotating Whip Finisher – This large handle design is comfortable to use and the assortment of bright colors makes it east to spot on your tying bench.