Fly Tying Vises

The Bluegill Bug Online Shop is proud to offer a selection of The Griffin Fly Tying Vises for sale here on the store.  These vises are an excellent product and can handle the test of time.  Made in the U.S. A.  What is not to like about that……………

Please take a look at our vise lineup and see what meets your needs and your pocket book.  All of these vises are True Rotating Vises for use in your fly tying needs!

The Peak Rotary Fly Tying Vise With Pedestal Base:

The PEAK Rotary Vise (PRV products) is designed
for optimal tying efficiency and ease of adjustment
and set-up. Materials (including Stainless Steel,
Brass, Tool Steel, and Aircraft Aluminum) are
chosen to last a lifetime. Hardened and tempered
tool steel jaws hold hooks securely, from size 2/0
(depending on exact hook wire diameter) down to
the smallest you can buy. Adjustments are
accomplished with minimal effort. The large stable
pedestal base will hold this vise where you set it,
and the non-marking feet protect the surface you
set it on. The steel base is powder coated white for a
durable surface that provides a backdrop you can
see your materials against. The base also includes
an integrated hook/bead pocket with rounded edges
for ease of removal, and two accessory post
mounting holes
 (accessory post not included). The
base is designed to pack flat for travel with the vise
removed. The rotation resistance adjustment screw
provides infinite adjustment and is easily
manipulated by right or left handed tiers. A height
and length adjustable bobbin cradle are supplied
with the vise. Loosening a single set screw allows the
vise to be removed from the base for travel.

(Pictured fly not included)

*Limited lifetime warranty against defects in material or


The Peak Rotary Vise With A C-Clamp:

remarkable C-Clamp mount (PRVC-1). As with the
Pedestal Base configuration (PRV-G2), PEAK’s
C-Clamp Mount option (PRVC-1) is engineered to
outperform the competition. Reverse the lower
rabbeted jaw to get a grip range from 2-1/4″ to
11/16″. Jaws ride on precision guide rods holding
the jaw faces parallel, there is no rotating clamp
screw bearing against your table to damage the
finish. Clamping is accomplished with a large
comfortable tri-lobal clamp screw.  The deep rabbet
engages rounded table edges so your vise won’t
rock. You won’t find a more stable, versatile, robust
clamp and it’s the only clamp that will accept our
accessory post. As one review stated “you could
press wheel bearings with this clamp.”

(Pictured fly not included)

*Limited lifetime warranty against defects in material or

Peak “Non-Rotary Vise:

After fielding many requests for an inexpensive yet
durable and functional non-rotary vise, Peak has
taken the design principles that have served us so
new and exciting tool.  The PEAK non-Rotary Vise
uses the same clamping system as the tried and true
PEAK Rotary Vise.  The base is slightly smaller and
lighter in weight than the Rotary Vise, making this
an item to seriously consider if you need a lighter
weight travel vise.  The base has the durable white
powder coat finish that we’re known for and it still
disassembles and packs flat for ease of transport.
The base also includes an additional hole for our
accessory shaft
 (not included) and all PEAK
accessories except our Material Clip will work with
the non-Rotary Vise.  As with the Rotary Vise,
optional midge and saltwater jaws are available for
the PEAK non-Rotary Vise
 (jaws for the Rotary Vise
and non-Rotary Vise are not interchangeable)
. The
PEAK non-rotary vise (PNRV) will fit our C-Clamp
option (CMP-1) but is only sold wth the pedestal
base shown.

(Pictured fly not included)
*Limited lifetime warranty against defects in material or


The Montana Mongoose Cam Operated Vise:

The Supreme hook holding power that our vises are famous for has been passed down to the Montana Mongoose. The new design of this rotating vise has been refined for maximum efficiency. The new addition of the rotation lock screw and the new fine tension screw allows complete resistance control while rotating. The new delrin block is one of the smoothest bearing material available. The cam lever can be locked in a forward or backward position, allowing more clearance while tying. The sleek & agile design of the MT Mongoose will ensure a comfortable hand position while tying. The new addition of the extension handle allows a choice of a longer rotating handle. 360 true rotation. Tempered steel jaws will securely grip hooks from 4/0-28’s. The MT Mongoose comes complete with FREE accessories: C-Clamp, Pedestal, Bobbin Cradle, Material Clip, Supreme Bobbin, Hackle Gauge, and Deluxe carrying case. Lifetime warranty. Made in the USA.

Griffin Blackfoot Mongoose Vise:

Our famous hook holding power has been continued with the Blackfoot.  The tempered steel jaws will securely grip hooks ranging from 28-4/0. True 360-degree rotation. The Blackfoot comes complete with c-clamp, bobbin cradle, material clip, and carrying case. Lifetime warranty. Made in the USA.

Griffin Odyssey Spider Vise & Tool Kit:

Introducing Griffin’s new travel kit .

The Odyssey Spider Travel Kit.

This vise is our entry-level model to our family of true rotating vises. This vise meets our high standard of quality.  The jaw capacity is 28 to 4/0.

The Kit comes complete with
Spider vise,  c-clamp and bobbin cradle, our Supreme ceramic bobbin, a Regular hackle plier, Regular hair evener, Standard scissor and Bodkin.
All of this tucked in a padded, zippered travel  case.

Griffin Odyssey Spider Vise:

This is our  entry-level model to our family of true rotating vises.  This Vise meets our high standard of quality.  The jaw capacity is 28 to 4/0. Exceptional quality for the price. Made in the USA.

Yes, we do have Non-Rotary Vises which are a great way to learn fly tying when you are new if you don’t want to spend top dollar or you don’t know for sure that fly tying is for you.  You can always upgrade later on, but, these Griffin Vises have stood the test of time for many tyers for a long time.


Montana Pro Vise

This new addition to the Griffin line of quality vises has been expertly designed for ease of operation and quickness of the cam lever hook release. The cam lever can be locked in a forward or backward position, allowing more clearance while tying. Ideal for pro tyers and beginners. The tempered steel jaws will firmly grip hooks ranging form 22-7/0’s. Lifetime warranty. 


Griffin Superior 2A Vise

This is a great vise for learning to tie basic flies with.  Has been used in my Introductory Fly Tying Classes for years.  The one I recommend!   Without a doubt, this vise will hold hooks as securely as vises costing three or four times as much.