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Welcome to the Bluegill Bug Online Shop.  Thank you all very much for stopping by and I certainly hope that our Product line will support you returning as often as you would like to see what is “New”  here on The Bluegill Bug Shop!  Our shop will feature some of my favorite Bluegill Bug Pattern Selections, Bluegill Bug Pattern Kits for those who tie their own and a few Bluegill Bug Accessories that you should enjoy while on the water.  Again, thank you for your interest in The Bluegill Bug Shop Online!

I would like all of you who visit here to also consider joining The Bluegill Bug Tyers Community on Facebook.  What a great place to talk fly fishing and fly tying for Bluegill.  Learn and share with others who are passionate about the Bluegill.  After all, isn’t that where all the fun began?  Just click on the the Logo above and see you over there after you get done shopping!

Happy Hook Ups,