Natural Fur & Hair

Good quality Natural Fur & Hair is becoming harder and harder to access these days.  I am talking select Fur and Hair that does what you want it to do in your fly tying endeavors!  The Bluegill Bug will takes it time and look for the best quality Fur and Hair before adding it to this page.  Be patient with us, and, we will bring you some of the best we find.

In keeping with our promise to look for and bring in only the best quality Fur and Hair for The Bluegill Bug Shop customers, we are happy to bring you a “very high quality” selection of  the following:

Natural Furs:

Chestnut Mink Fur Patches:

Excellent quality Chestnut Mink Fur Patches cut into 21/2″ x 31/2″ pieces and individually zip-locked packages.  Mink is excellent dubbing for use in fly tying.  Super dense hair with water repellent properties. Great for any fly you want to float.   Also great with Dubbing loops for Nymphs and smaller Zonker type patterns. Use the guard hair for tails and body fur for dubbing.

Chestnut Mink Fur Strips:

We have a “Limited” Supply of the same high quality Chestnut Mink cut into Strips for use in tying Zonkers, Retrievers etc.  There are only (6) packages currently available and there are six (3″) strips per package.  If you tie these types of patterns or want to try to learn, you had better get these now!  You won’t be disappointed.