The Bluegill Bug Shop Testimonials

Happy Bluegill Bug Fly Material  Customers:

Pete Logan – “Tying Mop Flies are fun using Mop Bodies from The Bluegill Bug Shop”…………..



Happy Bluegill Bug Individual Pattern Tying Kit Customers:

James Rawdon – “I am pretty slow at things but finally tied a few today. I bought one of your kits “the mop fly”, very well put together, good instructions. And reasonably priced.”

Shae Hoschek – “These kits are just what I was looking for. I recently took an intro to tying workshop at an Orvis store and I wanted something that would help me build on that experience and help me practice the basics of tying. Plus I will get some flies to use fishing! Thank you.”



Happy Bluegill Bug Fly Customers:

Bill Trussell –

The little fly that did it for me today was Mel’s Foam Krystal Beetle. He sent me three the other day. I left the lake today with one left in my fly box. The other two are still in two bluegills mouths and hopefully will come lose and both fish will survive to fight again. I think the fish thought it was a live beetle or a black cricket and they didn’t want it anywhere near them. They continually annihilated this little fly all afternoon. I was so impressed with the way it sit on the water high and realistic like. No movement was necessary, just a light touch on the water surface got the smacking sound, you guys are familiar with who bluegill fish.  Thanks Mel for tying this fantastic little fly that made my trip today!!!———oh forgot to mention I need more!!


Kaleb Owens – Nice little bass put up a good fight! Thanks grandpa Mel Moore for the flies, they’re doing me well.

Rob Blumberg – “Thank you so much for the beautiful flies!!!! I really like that pattern and believe it will work well on the smallmouth bass around here, I’ll be sure to share pics whenever I do put them in action. Likely it will be with some trout next month.”

                                                    Retriever Patterns


Happy Silicone Fly Box Owners


Drew Barritt – I bought one of these boxes from Mel Moore and his Bluegill Bug Shop. Great box at a great price, delivered super fast in great condition. Super cool logo sticker on the back and plenty of room for all my flies and easy to see and access them. Thanks Mel!

James Baty – Just ordered two more, Mel Moore. I couldn’t believe the ease of setting flies and organizing them in this box. Combined with the slim lines and easy access, this is a foolproof way to keep all of my flies quickly-accessed and ready to entice the fish. Can’t imagine trying to keep track of all of the smaller ones any other way. Thanks!


Happy Hook & Bead Owners

Brian Nipper – “Ordered hooks and beads and could not be more pleased. Fast shipping and had a tracking number shortly after I ordered. Hooks are good quality and beads are quality too. Will definitely be buying more sizes in the near future.”

Bruce Conrad – “Got my hooks from you today..cannot wait to tie on them…they look and feel great. Thanks!”

Pete Logan – “lm loving these fire-hole hooks and T beads from Bluegill Bug Shop.




Happy Bluegill Bug Hat Owners

Bruce Conrad – “Mel Moore got the hat today…love it…even my wife said it was nice hat”


Matthew Miller – Valley Streams Fly Fishing – Pennsylvania

Jim Rawdon – Ohio Bluegill Bug Fan!