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Welcome to The Bluegill Bug News Page! The purpose of this page will be to keep everyone who sees this page updated on what is going on business wise with The Bluegill Bug Shop online.  I will be entering information here on the latest updates to the Shop. New arrivals to the Shop, what is in the plans, Special Sales Events, Contests, and any other matter that should be of interest to you as a customer.  So don’t forget to check in on this page to be a well informed Bluegill Bug Customer……………………………..

01/04/2018 – Happy New Year everyone! Thanks again for supporting The Bluegill Bug Online Shop.  I am continuing to add to our inventory and would like to let everyone know some great news.  I have added Griffin Fly Tying Vises to the inventory.  These are great quality fly tying vises for anyone who wishes to upgrade or purchase a vise for the first time.  You will not be disappointed.  These are made in the “U.S.A.” and come with great guarantees to make your fly tying a pleasure.  They are a joy to work with.  We have (3) models currently in stock.  The Montana Mongoose, The Odyssey Spider Vise and Tool Kit, and, The Odyssey Spider Vise without the Tool Kit.  Please check out our Online Shop and take a look at these great fly tying vises priced to meet your desires and pocket book.

12/25/2017 – Just wanted to say “Merry Christmas” to all of our customers who have enjoyed products from The Bluegill Bug Online Shop.  It has been a busy time of year and many new products have been added in December.  The Firehole Outdoors Magnetic Tying Table, Bluegill Bug Hats, and, our Bluegill Bug Silicone Fly Boxes with our logo are all in stock and ready for the coming tying and fishing season.  We are currently working on bringing in Fly Tying Tool Sets, Individual fly tying tools, and, fly tying vises as we go for your fly tying pleasures at a great price too you.  Your support and love is much appreciated…


12/11/2017 – More great news from The Bluegill Bug!! It is a very busy time for me around the Online Shop.  Some great new products will be coming to the Shop very soon.  So, don’t forget to check in often.

Our hats (I am chomping at the bit) are being processed.  Last check with the supplier is good news.  It is just that time of the year when all of us want our products yesterday!  Again, here is a new look at what has been ordered.

In addition, I am excited to share the news that The Bluegill Bug Online Shop will have the Firehole Outdoors Magnetic Tying Table in place in the next few days.  Take a look at this wonderful new product for all of us fly tyers to help with organization  and taking some of the guess work out of our tying process.  You will not be disappointed!















Finally, thanks for the great response to our Silicone Fly Boxes.









Both sizes of our Silicone boxes have sold well.  The great news is that our Silicone Fly boxes will be printed with our logo for this upcoming season.  Support The Bluegill Bug Online Shop by filling our boxes with your favorite fly patterns.  These boxes are now available in two sizes, but, we are working towards having Four different sizes too meet your needs and space requirements.  Some of these boxes should be arriving sometime before the First of the New Year.  I will keep everyone posted.  Thanks again…………….


12/06/2017 – Well, here we are in the midst of another Christmas season!  Time to be focusing on the meaning of Christmas and family times.  Here at The Bluegill Bug, we are excitedly awaiting for the word that our hats are ready and need to be picked up.  We are real close to sew up time….  Here is a Mock Up of the hats that I finally decided on.  They will come in two different colors, Silver Chrome and Hunter Green.  Each will have the same Logo on.  They are a one size fits all, low front feature hat, that is soft and durable.  Take a look at the Mock Up.










As soon as I can pick them up, I will get them on the Online Shop for everyone to determine if they want to wear The Bluegill Bug Hat and support the Online Shop.  

In other news, I have been adding a few Mop Flies, and, Mop – N – Buggers to the Online Shop as I go.  These patterns have really taken off well and I expect that I will soon have a full inventory of colors and sizes in both patterns.  Happy Hooks Ups, everyone!

11/22/2017 – As we come up on the Thanksgiving Season, The Bluegill Bug wishes everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving.  Enjoy your activities and be safe in all that you do!

Some very good news this morning, just wanted to let everyone know that our new Hats for The Bluegill Bug have been ordered and are in the production process.  They should be ready to order through the online shop in relatively early December!  Let me do it this way, based on responses from many of our customers and participants on The Bluegill Bug Tyers Facebook Group.  By requesting input from as many as I could get, the following decisions were made.  We will have “Two” different hats each with a different color logo.  Here are the hat colors.



This Chrome colored Hat will have the Dark filled in logo on it.








We will also have the Hunter Green Hat – 





This color hat will have the “Ligther” colored logo on it.  Sorry, I don’t have the actual Forest Green with the logo in place for you too observe, but do ask, that you imagine the hat being Hunter Green instead of Gray.  Anyway, here is what it should look like.








Our “Hats” will sell for $24.00 plus shipping and handling through our online shop.  As soon as I have them in hand, I will let everyone know and you can consider supporting The Bluegill Bug when you want to wear a hat.

11-08-2017 – So what has been going on with The Bluegill Bug Online Shop? We have been staying busy continuing to add products to our Shop.  Since, I am a one man Army, this process seems overwhelming at times, but, also enjoyable.  Sales have been moving on at a good pace! The Winter Tying Season is upon most of us so I will be adding materials and a few patterns through the winter season to our inventory.  For example, just today, I have added to our Fly Tying Material Page, a product I call, “Scrubby Chenille”.  This is a unique Chenille with the fibers all on side of the center core of the Chenille.  It is a very flashy chenille with good length to the fibers that add great movement in the water.  Check it out soon! I have added it in (12) different colors for your fly tying pleasure.  I, also, have added the BeadHead Goober Bug to the Bluegill Fly Patterns Page.  The Beadhead Goober Bug uses the Scrubby Chenille mentioned here and the Bug is available in (12) different colors also.  Take a look at the Beadhead Goober Bug.  Bluegill and Bass love this pattern!!  Here is a picture of the fly.








Finally, for this update, I am working with a local supplier who will provide The Bluegill Bug Online Shop with our new hats for 2018.  The Logo is currently being worked on and when I can view it with our Supplier and approve of its imagery on the hat, I will be sure and let everyone know so you can take a look.  Thanks again for all of your support!

10/28/2017 – Have added a few Boxed Fly Selections to that page as of this morning!  These make great gifts for those fly fishers who don’t tie their own or for those who want to add to a well stocked pattern box for fishing Bluegill and other species, too!  Be sure and take a look and remember that this page will change as I put different Boxed Fly Selections to gather!

10/26/2017 – An Update is due here on The Bluegill Bug News Page!  Been busy getting some orders out and ordering in stock to stay in good supply for the winter tying season.  The response to the “Firehole Sticks” has been very good! Thank you for all of you who have picked up on these great hooks for your tying.  I am continuing to tie to keep The Bluegill Bug Fly Patterns in supply.  The Mop Fly Body materials have also sold very well and a re-stock ordered.  Along with that, I will be adding two new colors for a total of (14) different colors available for the tyer.   I have Black and Yellow Bodies on their way to the shop.  I am also adding more Tungsten Beads in new sizes and colors.  These are a great buy for those who compare prices with other places online!  Lastly, I will be adding Boxed Fly Selections to the inventory in the next few days.  Please check out that particular page to see what we have.  Inventory there will change as I have time to create these boxes.  These are a great gift idea or great for anyone who doesn’t tie their own.  Get an effective box of Bluegill Flies ready for your next trip out.  Don’t forget our Bluegill Bug Pattern Kits if you want to learn to tie a specific pattern.  Comes with everything you need to tie (12) of your own, plus a sample fly, and written instructions.  Thanks everyone for supporting The Bluegill Bug Online Shop!

10/14/2017- Great news for those waiting for our “Firehole Sticks”! They have been added to our inventory and are now available on The Bluegill Bug Shop.  Also, added to our growing Bead inventory with some new sizes and colors.  In addition, Sparkle Foam for tying Sparkle Spiders is now available in (12) different colors.  Thanks for all your support!

10/11/2017 – A Weekly Update here…. Our “Firehole Sticks” have been shipped and we should be getting them in by the end of the week.  It will take me a little bit to get them up on the Fly Tying Material Page.  Hopefully, in place by the first of the week.  If you are familiar with them, they need no introduction.  If you are not, please check them out closely when you stop by our Shop.  They are a tad expensive, but, cannot find a better quality hook period.

In addition, I have added Sparkle Foam Sheets in several colors for your use in tying the Sparkle Spiders.  Save your gas and money going to the Craft store.  These sheets are at a great price and will tie many, many Spiders.

Also, have added “Killer Bug” Yarn for tying The Rubber Legged Killer Bug.  See the pattern on our Fly Pattern Page and get your yarn here.  This is a unique colored yarn and the fly is a deadly pattern not only for Bluegill, but, for the Trout Fisher, too!

10/04/2017 – Well, here it is….The Fall fishing season is upon us and weather will need to be taken into account as we prepare for our next several fishing trips! That being said, it is also heading toward the “Prime” fly tying season! We will be tying new patterns, filling our fly boxes, and, purchasing materials, hooks, and other items to meet our tying needs.  I have some absolutely wonderful news to share with all of my friends and customers of The Bluegill Bug Online Shop.  

  • We are now a Certified Firehole Outdoors Hook Dealer! These incredible hooks are, in my opinion, the best you can buy on today’s market.  They cost a little more than other hooks, but, a great selection of styles and sizes available.  Oh, and talk about super sharp.  We are excited to have this opportunity to provide all fly tyers with these incredible hooks on our online shop.
  • In addition, we will soon be adding materials from FTD (Fly Tyers Dungeon) to our inventory.  The Mad Scientist from FTD has some incredible tying materials and you will see some featured here as we add to our inventory.  Get a load of this example of some of his custom dubbing.  This is only one example mind you………

09/30/2017 – A couple of things of note today! First, I have added several of my favorite Bluegill Bug patterns to the Shop inventory.  Bluegill are not tough to fool into striking a fly, but, these patterns have been catching fish for me repeatedly and some for many years! Check them out and I would be happy to tie a few for you…….

In addition, I have been working on prices and easy access to my 2018 Bluegill Bug Hat  inventory.  The hats are in the process of make up now and as soon as I can get a picture to show everyone what they will look like, I will let all of you know.  This style and make up comes from listening to our customers here at The Bluegill Bug!

09/25/2017 – The Mop Fly Body material has arrived and I will get the product and all the color variations up on the store as soon as I can for everyone to take a lot and consider tying The Mop Fly for your fly box and hungry Bluegills.  Stay tuned!

09/23/2017 – More good news for all those who love fly tying and fly fishing for Bluegill.  The Bluegill Bug will be carrying soon a broad color selection of Mop Fly Body material.  The Mop Fly, is a deadly Bluegill pattern started it’s popularity in the Trout fishing world and became one of those patterns everyone wanted to have in their box because they flat out caught fish.  Now, The Mop Fly, comes too the Bluegill world here on The Bluegill Bug.  I will be adding these to the inventory as soon as I receive them from my supplier!  

09/20/2017 – Just to let everyone know that The Bluegill Bug has “sold out” of seasonal inventory on The Red, White, & Bluegill hat. We will not be re-ordering from our current supplier.  We sure appreciate all who purchased, wear, and commented so kindly on our hat.  This particular hat was our initial experience in the Hat Wear category.  With that said, The Bluegill Bug has began to look at other suppliers and what different styles they can provide.  I am looking forward to making a decision on that so our hats for “2018” will be available to our customers in a short while.  Stay Tuned!!

09/14/2017 – The Bluegill has the “New” Double Sided Silicone Fly Box in stock.  Take a look at the Shop page and see this great new value for carrying a large capacity of flies in a double sided box, plus, enough lid room so that the box can carry Hairwing Dry Flies, Large Nymphs, and Streamers.  You “Popper” guys might like this box also.  Again, great price for a great new product direct to our customers!

09/12/2017 – The Bluegill Bug has added Tungsten Beads to our inventory.  These beads are of two different kinds.  There is the standard Countersunk Tungsten Bead and the popular Slotted Bead style.  These beads are being offered on a “Limited Inventory” basis at this time.  Based on customer approval and sales, more sizes and bead colors will be offered to our customers.  Be sure you take a look at them and see for yourself the quality and the great prices available to you, our customer.

09/11/2017 – The Bluegill Bug’s new “SOURCE” hooks are now available on The Bluegill Bug Shop.  Be sure and check them out and also take a look at the great prices available to our customers.  Again, depending on customer approval of the “limited inventory” more hooks and styles will be provided for our customers.

09/09/2017 – The new products are in and I will be adding them to my inventory as quickly as I can.  Great buy on Hooks, Beads, new double sided fly boxes.  Be sure and check them out and as always, thank you for supporting The Bluegill Bug Shop.

09-06-2017 – Excited to let everyone know that I am awaiting the delivery of several new products that will be offered here on The Bluegill Bug Shop store.  Expecting to add these products, hopefully, over the weekend so stay tuned!  First, The Bluegill Bug will be receiving some exciting new fly tying hooks that will be offered at a great price to the customer.  These hooks will be currently provided in very limited sizes, though.  Depending on how they sell and the customers reaction to them, more sizes and styles will be added for your selection.  What I have ordered will tie some of your favorite Bluegill Bugs in the favorite size and style.  I do have a few pictures that I can share with you here:

We will begin with a beautifully designed long shank Nymph Hook – On the left view.  On the right view is a superb Competition Style Jig Hook.

In addition, we will have Dry Fly Hooks from this same maker.  Again, if all goes well with sales, then more sizes and styles will be provided to the customer!

I have tied on these hooks and highly recommend them for my customers!

I will also be adding Tungsten Beads, both standard and countersunk, for use in getting your flies down to where the fish are.  Again, I will begin with limited sizes and will expand upon that depending on customer approval of these beads.  Also, at a great price!

Our Large Silicone Fly Box has been a very good seller and well received by my customers.  I was asked to look into getting the same type box that would be a double sided version for more capacity.  The same supplier came through for me and I will have this exciting new fly box in stock in a few days.  Again, these boxes will be high quality and offered to you at an incredible price for your use.  I will add a picture here to whet your appetite for what is coming.

These are the double sided version with Silicone bedding and plenty of space to hold a ton of flies.  Hairwing flies, Streamers, Nymphs, big Foam bugs, this box will hold them all.  Again, I highly recommend this box to compliment the Large Silicone Fly Box that you customers have already put your stamp of approval on.

08-24-2017 – I am in the process of adding my Bluegill Bug Fly Selections to the online store.  They will be going up in the next few hours.  Again, we are starting with a few, and will add various fly selections as we go.  The Fly Selections are boxed sets of patterns that anglers can purchase as individual sets.  These sets are patterns that have proven quite effective for fishing for Bluegill, Bass, and even for those of you who fish, Trout, or other species.  Be sure and check out these selections.  Selection sizes and prices will vary! Best to check in regularly if you are interested in purchasing some of our patterns for your local waters.

08/11/2017 – Ok, the Large Silicone Fly Box is now available on our shop page.  I think these are an outstanding buy for stocking your various fly patterns and at a great price for your consideration.  Take a look!

08/10/2017 – Coming very soon to The Bluegill Bug Shop – Some great new fly boxes at an incredible price to our customers.  Should be on the Shop page later today or early tomorrow.  You will not want to miss taking a look at these boxes and taking advantage of this great pricing on The Bluegill Bug Shop.  In addition, we will be adding some great looking hooks to our inventory soon for your Bluegill tying experiences at great prices also.  These are high quality hooks and very sharp.  So stay tuned!

08/05/2017 – We have began to add our Bluegill Bug Pattern Kits to the store.  More and more will be added as we go along.  We currently have (2) Pattern Kits available.  Check out The Mini-Hopper Kit, and, The Mop Fly Kit available on our Shop page.

08/05/2017 – We have added The Mop Fly to our Bluegill Bug inventory.  This incredible fish catcher is priced right for you.  See it on our Shop Page.

08/03/2017 – The Red, White & Bluegill Hat shown above has been quite popular with buying customers.  I truly appreciate all the support provided for the Shop and by wearing The Red, White & Bluegill Hat, customers are sharing their love of the Bluegill.  It’s an honor to honor The Bluegill – For many of us where the fun all began fly fishing and fly tying!  Currently, our hats are produced in California and shipped too me, so, if I get a low on inventory, it might take a couple of weeks for your hat to be shipped.  I hope that doesn’t happen too often.