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Happy Bluegill Bug Fly Customers

Bill Trussell –

The little fly that did it for me today was Mel’s Foam Krystal Beetle. He sent me three the other day. I left the lake today with one left in my fly box. The other two are still in two bluegills mouths and hopefully will come lose and both fish will survive to fight again. I think the fish thought it was a live beetle or a black cricket and they didn’t want it anywhere near them. They continually annihilated this little fly all afternoon. I was so impressed with the way it sit on the water high and realistic like. No movement was necessary, just a light touch on the water surface got the smacking sound, you guys are familiar with who bluegill fish.  Thanks Mel for tying this fantastic little fly that made my trip today!!!———oh forgot to mention I need more!!


Happy Bluegill Bug Hat Owners

Matthew Miller – Valley Streams Fly Fishing – Pennsylvania

Jim Rawdon – Ohio Bluegill Bug Fan!